1990 Edit

  • May 22 - North and South Yemen merge under the North Yemeni President, Yasir Al-Fulani

1991 Edit

1991 Edit

Russian Constitutional Crisis (September 21 – October 4) Edit

  • A political stand-off between the Russian president Boris Yeltsin and the Russian parliament that was resolved by using military force. Yeltsin aimed to dissolve the country's legislature (the Congress of People's Deputies and its Supreme Soviet), although the president did not have the power to dissolve the parliament according to the constitution. In response, the parliament declared that the president's decision was null and void, impeached Yeltsin and proclaimed vice president Aleksandr Rutskoy to be acting president.
  • The situation deteriorated at the beginning of October. On October 3, demonstrators removed police cordons around the parliament and, urged by their leaders, took over the Mayor's offices and tried to storm the Ostankino television centre.
  • The army, which had initially declared its neutrality, stormed the Supreme Soviet building in the early morning hours of October 4 by Yeltsin's order, and arrested the leaders of the resistance.
    • Imran Zakhaev organised the peoples army which stormed the Mayor's offices. Zakhaev was imprisoned but granted amnesty in 1994.

1994-1996 Edit


  • Cpt. Roger MacMillan and Lt. John Price infiltrate Pripyat, Ukraine, and attempts to assassinate Imran Zakhaev. The mission is is successful, but Zakhaev would survive the attempt on his life.
  • 1997Edit

    • Alejandro Rojas becomes a freelance arms dealer and involves himself with many terrorist organizations.


    • Russian Ultranationalist execute the first of their terror attacks
      • Moscow city bus bombing, leaving 29 people dead and 19 injured.
      • A massacre in a GUM mall in Moscow, leaving 87 dead.


    • Makarov hijacks a Greek oil tanker in the Mediterranean Sea and kills 2 members of the Greek Navy before the $3 million ransom is paid.
    • Makarov kills 3 Russian infantry soldiers.


    • Makarov represses North Caucasus-based, pro-Western nationalist groups, commits assassinations of political leaders, arson and bombing of opposition parties.
    • Makarov also murders Moscow-based journalist Ilya Lovitch.
    • Makarov bombs several high government buildings in Kazakhstan, killing 245 people.
    • Makarov hijacks two Kriegler Airliner planes, leaving 378 people dead, including 8 of his own henchmen.


    • Makarov robs a HBS bank in Istanbul.
    • Makarov kidnaps 15 Russian college students and murders 5 of them.
    • Makarov bombs two African embassies, leaving 28 dead and 48 injured.


    • Ultranationalists raids an unknown number of bullion trucks in Moscow, steals 3 million rubles and kills 3 security guards.
    • Ultranationalists hijacks an unknown number of cruise ships in the Baltic Sea, tortures 3 US passengers until the $5 million ransom is paid.

    London Bombing (July 7)Edit

    • Four Islamist extremists separately detonated three bombs in quick succession aboard London Underground trains across the city, and later, a fourth on a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square. 52 people were killed and over 700 more were injured in the attacks, making it Britain's worst terrorist incident since the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, as well as the country's first ever Islamist suicide attack.
    • Later investigations determined that these attacks were co-organised and co-executed by Russian Ultranationalists.


    • Ultranationalists robs the Russian State Postal and Banking Service Depot of 32 million rubles
    • Ultranationalists murders famous British designer Rob Millington.
    • Ultranationalists murders 3 US airmen in Turkmenistan.
    • Vladimir Makarov, a top Ultranationalist lieutenant, assists in coordinating attacks made by the Sudanese Military and Janjaweed Militia against rebels. This action is then implicated in human rights abuses.


    • Makarov captures and dismembers the Mossad attache representing Ukraine because he was responsible for investigating Makarov's links to Islamic extremists.
    • Makarov assassinates Pakistani politician Hasni Al'Bura.


    • St. Petersburg IKEA Bombing - Ultranationalists bombs a Swedish furniture store in a shopping mall located in St. Petersburg, killing 100 people.
    • Ultranationalists ambushes an FSB vehicle and kills 5 agents.
    • Ultranationalists abducts and murders SibGaz owner's wife and daughter.
    • After victory in the Russo-Georgian War and gradual success against Chechen rebels, Russia announced it's full focus on eradicating the Ultranationalists.


    • Ultranationalists bombs a US oil company in Baku, killing 3 people.
    • Ultranationalists attempts to bomb an English-speaking school in Moscow but fails.
    • Ultranationalists rigs explosives in a Moscow soccer stadium. Authorities burst a pipe to prevent the match.

    2011 Edit

    Yemeni RevolutionEdit

    January - JuneEdit

    • Inspired by the Arab Spring, protests against President Al-Fulani were organised initially calling for his resignation. Over the coming months, this led to more violent protests and mass defections from the military.
    • Starting in late April, Al-Fulani agreed to a Gulf Cooperation Council-brokered deal, only to back away hours before the scheduled signing three times. After the third time, on 22 May, the GCC declared it was suspending its efforts to mediate in Yemen.

    June 6Edit

    June 18 Edit

    • Yasir Al-Fulani is executed on national television by Khaled Al-Asad, at the coastal city of Al Hudaydah.
    • USMC forces (under command of General Hershel Shepherd) invade Yemen country leading a Coalition Force.

    Sana'a Nuclear Bombing Edit

    • Jun 20, 18:09:44 - A nuclear device is detonated from within the presidential compound, devastating Sana'a and causing 575,000 fatalities (including 30,000 marines), with almost another 600,000 injured.
      • In the attack on Sana'a, Yuri watches as Vladimir Makarov detonates a nuclear device from Al-Asad's safehouse miles away from the blast radius.

    June 21Edit

    • Khaled Al-Asad is found and killed in a safehouse in Azerbaijan.
      • SAS infiltrate into Azerbaijan to locate Khaled Al-Asad. They join up with a Loyalist unit which provides helicopter support. The SAS team succeeds in taking the village and the safehouse where Al-Asad is hiding. Cpt. John Price, interrogates Al-Asad to find out the origin of the nuclear device. Price then executes Al-Asad after confirmation that Al-Asad's source was Imran Zakhaev, the same one who survived Price's assassination operation.
      • Eight hours after Al-Asad's death, Ultranationalist forces attack the village where the SAS team are held up. After holding off and breaking through the brutal assault, Price, the SAS unit is rescued by a team of US Marines.

     June 17Edit

    • A small SAS team infiltrate an Estonian freighter in the Bering Sea, which is carrying nuclear material from the Ultranationalists to Al-Asad. Russian MiGs attack the freighter and it is sunk just after the SAS team escape.
    • Zach Parker is undergoing some basic training at an unknown marine base. The base is then attacked by OpFor and the surviving marines manage to escape the base.
    • The marines escape to an unnamed Middle Eastern town and after intense house-to-house fighting, a helicopter arrives and rescues them.

     June 22 Edit

    • The combined SAS/USMC team infiltrates into Southern Russia, to find Victor Zakhaev, Imran Zakhaev's son, and get intel on Zakhaev's motives and whereabouts. With the aid of the Russian Loyalists, the combined team disguises itself as Ultranationalist troops. The ambush succeeds but Victor Zakhaev flees on foot, but is surrounded by SAS and USMC troops. With no way to escape, Zakhaev commits suicide, rather than surrender.

     June 23 Edit

    • Imran Zakhaev killed in the Altay Mountains by Russian forces with US and British support.
    • 0619: Imran Zakhaev delivers an ultimatum to the US and British forces in Russia; or risk a nuclear attack. The combined SAS/USMC force lands in the Altay Mountains in Russia to recapture an ICBM facility held by Ultranationalist forces. En route to the ICBM facility, two RT-2UTTH Topol-M ICBMs, each containing four 100 kiloton nuclear warheads, are launched at the Eastern Coast of the US.
    • 0716: Bravo Team fights through the heavily-guarded perimeter of the ICBM launch facility and enters through the ventilation shafts.
    • 0735: Bravo Team fights through the facility to gain control of the control room, where Sgt. "Soap" MacTavish successfully enters the self-destruct codes to destroy the ICBMs in flight. As enemy reinforcements are about to storm the facility, they escape by trucks from the vehicle depot.
    • 0825: The team flees on the mountain roads as trucks filled with enemy troops pursue them. The chase is stopped when a Mi-24 Hind helicopter destroys a bridge, trapping the team. A fuel truck explodes, incapacitating most of the team. As the team lies vulnerable on the bridge, Zakhaev arrives to make sure they are all dead. However, Loyalist forces led by Sgt. Kamarov destroy the Mi-24 "Hind", distracting Zakhaev long enough for Cpt. Price to slide Sgt. "Soap" MacTavish his M1911, which he uses to kill Zakhaev and his two guards.

    2012 Edit

    • The old Ultranationalists split following Zakaev's death:
      • Moderate, popularist Ultranationalists represented in parliament by Boris Vorshevsky
      • The "Inner Circle" terrorists led by Zakaev's successor, Vladimir Makarov. Makarov also begins working with the black market arms dealer Alejandro Rojas.
    • The international Task Force 141 is created, consisting of American, Canadian, British, and Australian forces. Amongst its special force members, include U.S. Army Rangers, U.S. Navy SEALs, and British SAS, as well as intelligence gathering from undercover agencies such as the CIA. It also includes veterans of the events of 2011, such as John MacTavish and John Price. American General Hershel Shepherd is the overall commander of Task Force 141.


    • Oct 8 - Operation Kingfish is launched by a joint Task Force 141 and Delta Force strike team to eliminate Vladimir Makarov. Task Force 141 Operatives included are Captain John Price, Simon "Ghost" Riley, John "Soap" MacTavish, Gary "Roach" Sanderson, and Delta Force Operators "Sandman" and "Frost". The operation turns out to be a trap and cause John "Soap" MacTavish to be wounded and John Price to be captured and sent to the Petropavlovsk Gulag.

    2014 Edit

    • Memorize develops Sensation Engine headsets - a social media device where it shares the memories of its user externally. This system would be used in a variety of devices over the coming decades.
    • Jun 22 - Cordis Die, an anarchist terrorist movement, officially became active as a social networking political movement. Popularity of the group spread rapidly due to the charisma of its unknown leader, known as "Odysseus", or "Ulysses".
      • Thousands of rioters associated with Cordis Die descend on Pyongyang and Tehran after planning on social media sites.

    2015 Edit

    • The Russian Ultranationalist Party defeats the Russian Loyalists Party, both militarily and politically, effectively ending the Second Russian Civil War.
    • Imran Zakhaev is turned into a martyr for Russia, and a statue is built in his memory.
    • Vladimir Makarov becomes the CIA's most wanted terrorist.


    • Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50 against Carolina Panthers at Santa Clara, California.
    • Jun 23 - Brexit (2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum) - The citizens of the United Kingdom vote 52% in favour for the country to leave the European Union, citing the bureaucratic red tape and ill-handling of the 2015 European migrant crisis as key issues. Despite controversy and discussion over the exit and its ramifications, the UK formally exited the EU on June 22 2019, three years since the referendum.
      • Scotland announced their independence from the UK in May 2019.
    • Aug 12 08:41 - Zahkaev International Airport Massacre - Vladimir Makarov and other Inner Circle terrorists, dressed as Americans, opens fire on civilians at Zakhaev Airport in Moscow. Most of the Inner Circle operatives (minus Makarov) were killed, including CIA sleeper agent Joseph Allen, convincing Russian authorities of an American attack

    World War III Edit

    • Aug 13 - Russia declares war on the USA; invades US east coast.
    • Aug 13-17 - Russians and Americans battle in and around the easter seaboard, including Washington D.C. and New York; eventual withdraw of Russian troops from America.
    • Aug 15 - Brazil announces added security and option for asylum for athletes competing in Rio Olympics affected by the war.
    • Oct 3 - Russian President Boris Vorshevsky flies to Hamburg to negotiate a peace treaty with NATO. In flight the plane is hijacked by Makarov's terrorists. The plane crash lands somewhere in Eastern Europe. Vorshevsky's daughter Alena is secured. However Makarov takes Vorshevsky hostage.
    • Oct 6 - Chemical attacks are launched all across Europe (London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Bern, Copenhagen, Brussels, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest). This paves the way for a massive blitzkrieg campaign by the Russian Army, who soon reach Hamburg and Paris.
      • US Army Delta Forces rescue the US Vice President in Hamburg, Germany in the opening hours of the invasion.
    • Oct 14 - Vorshevsky rescued in Siberia
    • Oct 15 - Vorshevsky announces truce ending hostilities
      • America and Russia negotiate peace

    August 13 Edit

    • After receiving intel to link Alejandro Rojas to Vladimir Makarov, Task Force 141 journeys to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to interrogate him.

    August 14 Edit

    • 40 miles East of Petropavlosk, Russia, with the help of the U.S. Navy, Captain MacTavish, Sgt. Gary "Roach" Sanderson, Simon "Ghost" Riley and Task Force 141 extracts Prisoner #627 (Capt. Price) from the Gulag.
    • Capt. Price leads Task Force 141 to infiltrate a Russian submarine base docked 14 miles SSE of Petropavlosk, Russia. Capt. Price launches an ICBM and detonates it in the atmosphere over the U.S. East Coast as an EMP that cripples both the US and Russian Military, ensuring the survival of US forces in Washington, D.C. and gives the edge back to the Americans.
    • General Shepherd receives a blank check from the U.S. Secretary of Defense while in a bunker underneath the Colorado mountains, securing anything he needs to kill Vladimir Makarov.
    • 19:28 - US Army Rangers, saved by Price's EMP, cut through the Eisenhower Building and retake Whiskey Hotel (the White House).

    August 15 Edit

    • Captain MacTavish and Capt. Price hunt for Vladimir Makarov in Kandahar, Afghanistan, while Sgt. Gary "Roach" Sanderson, Simon "Ghost" Riley, Ozone, Scarecrow, Archer, Toad, and the rest of Task Force 141 look for him at a safehouse at the Georgia-Russia border.
    • Sgt. Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Simon "Ghost" Riley, having not found Vladimir Makarov at his safehouse, copy files from Vladimir Makarov's computer. Ozone and Scarecrow are KIA. Sgt. Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Simon "Ghost" Riley defend the house from Ultranationalist forces, and then head for the extraction point, but both are betrayed and killed by General Shepherd, who starts his own, personal war to eliminate his evidence of betrayal. Sgt. Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Simon "Ghost" Riley's bodies are burned.
    • Captain MacTavish and Capt. Price are attacked by General Shepherd's Shadow Company as well as Vladimir Makarov's men. A three-way battle ensues as Capt. Price reveals General Shepherd's betrayal to Vladimir Makarov, who reveals the whereabouts of Site Hotel Bravo to Price, General Shepherd's base in Afghanistan. Captain MacTavish and Capt. Price escape in a jeep on board Nikolai's plane.
    • Captain MacTavish and Capt. Price, are declared wanted war criminals, and a global manhunt begins for the two.
    • Vladimir Makarov goes into hiding.

    August 16 Edit

    • John "Soap" MacTavish and John Price infiltrate Site Hotel Bravo in Afghanistan, and chase after General Shepherd.
    • John "Soap" MacTavish attempts to take down General Shepherd but is stabbed in the chest. John Price attacks General Shepherd in a hand-to-hand battle. John Price begins to lose the edge until John "Soap" MacTavish hurls a Throwing Knife into General Shepherd's left eye, killing him. Nikolai arrives in a Little Bird and rescues the two. Now labeled as international fugitives, they go into hiding.

    August 17Edit

    • Nikolai takes Soap and Price to a safehouse in Himachal Pradesh, Northern India. Yuri joins Price and Nikolai and helps them bring Soap to Nikolai's Little Bird to safety from Makarov's forces as they assault the Loyalist safehouse.

    Sometime between August 17 and October 3Edit

    • John "Soap" Mactavish, John Price, Nikolai and Yuri escape from Makarov's forces and relocate to Africa, where Soap recovers and heals from his knife wound; they conduct a mission in Parrot's Beak, Guinea.
    • Following the mission in Parrot's Beak, they conduct a mission at an international airport in Accra, Ghana. They protect a courier transferring $600,000 worth of gold to a plane. 

    October 5Edit

    • Price, Soap and Yuri, infiltrate Sierra Leone, to find where Makarov's chemical weapons are being transported from. Fighting the African Militia, they discover the factory empty and head to a church where the shipment leaves too soon for them to stop it.

    October 6Edit

    • Sgt. Marcus Burns of the SAS, along with Sgt. Wallcroft and Cpl. Griffen, sneak through London to neutralize a Russian terrorist threat. They soon engage in a car chase through the underground train tunnels. They are able to reach the blockade to stop suspected bomb trucks. However, one is set off in London.

    October 8Edit

    • After gaining a lead by MacMillan, Price, Soap and Yuri go to Somalia to interrogate Waraabe, an African arms dealer. After gaining intel and killing him, they attempt an exfil, but Nikolai's helicopter is shot down. They rescue Nikolai and escape the city through a violent sandstorm.

    October 9Edit

    • Price gives Sandman intel, in turn Delta Force Team Metal goes to Paris to track down Volk. After fighting their way through the city and linking up with GIGN operatives, they move down into the catacombs and find Volk who flees. After a furious car chase, the Team damages Volk's car and capture him.
    • Delta Force escapes Paris with Volk while supported by an AC-130.

    October 10thEdit

    • After interrogating Volk, Sandman gives Price intel on where Makarov will be. Price and the team infiltrate Russian-occupied Prague with the help of Sgt. Kamarov and the local resistance to set up a sniping position to kill Makarov.

    October 11Edit

    • The assassination mission goes awry when Makarov learns about it. Kamarov is captured and killed, and the vantage point where Yuri and Soap are watching explodes, mortally wounding Soap. The three escape to a Resistance safehouse where Soap dies.

    October 12Edit

    • Price and Yuri infiltrate Makarov's stronghold not far from Prague, and learn that Makarov's men have plans to capture Alena Vorshevsky in Berlin. They make a furious escape as Makarov's men become aware of their presence.

    October 13Edit

    • Nikolai contacts Sandman about Alena Vorshevsky. Delta Force discovers her whereabouts in Berlin. Team Metal backs up Granite as they go into rescue her. In the fighting, Granite is killed by an unseen explosive device. Metal now goes in to rescue Alena backed up by German tanks, which are destroyed by an explosive-rigged collapsed building. They move through the building and reach her location but the Russians get there first taking her away in an Mi-24 Hind helicopter.

    October 14Edit

    • After tracking the Hind to a diamond mine in Eastern Siberia. Delta Force and Task Force 141 assault it. After finding Alena, Truck secures an evac for her. The joint team successfully rescues President Vorshevsky. In the escape, Team Metal sacrifice themselves to buy time for Price and Yuri to escape with the Russian President. Sandman, Truck and Grinch are presumed KIA after the mine collapses.

    After October 14Edit

    • Task Force 141 is cleared and reinstated, and is given permission to continue operations to hunt down Makarov, who is still at large.


    • Jan 21 - Vladimir Makarov is killed in a siege at the Hotel Oasis in the Arabian Peninsula by Task Force 141 operatives.
    • St. Louis Blues win the Stanley Cup in the NHL's centenary season, defeating the Washington Capitals 4-2.

    2018 Edit

    • Cordis Die cause a cyber-attack on the Chinese stock market. China blames the United States and holds them accountable for the resulting global economic meltdown, thus beginning the Second Cold War.
      • June 19 2021 - Odysseus uploads a video to YouTube regarding the United States' involvement in a cyber-attack on the Chinese Stock Market.
      • June 30 - Cordis Die's Twitter account is deleted by the U.S. Government.
      • July 2 - FBI Director Christopher A. Wray is burned to death in his apartment by Cordis Die members.
    • Dr. Gunnar Anglert delivers speech declassifying anti-gravity transportation research by government organisations in an effort to create interest among general public/NGOs etc.

    2020 Edit

    • April - Greece becomes the second country to leave the EU after they default on their debt to Europe. This follows three months of civil unrest following the country's failure to secure a fourth round of bailout funding from the European Central Bank (ECB)
      • Italy and Spain would further leave in August and October respectively.
    • The United States federal courts declare discrimination against modified humans unconstitutional.
    • Memorize relocates to Hyderabad, India
    • Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan would merge to form the East African Federation (EAF)

    2021 Edit

    • Marion Bosworth becomes President of the United States and works to repair international relations with China. Cordis Die denounces Bosworth's presidency, calling her actions "continued war-mongering".
    • Odysseus reveals himself to be Raul Menendez, a narco-terrorist thought to have been dead for 35 years.


    • Poland, Romania, Hungary and Ireland all leave the EU.


    • The EAF and Ethiopia would form the Nile River Coalition through a set of trading treaties between the two countries called the Kampala Agreement.
      • Sudan would sue to join two years later.


    • The Independent Basketball Association becomes the first league to allow modified athletes to play professionally.
    • Jun 12 - Terror assault on Colossus, Cayman Is.
    • Jun 18 - Menendez is captured after an assault on Codis Die headquarters in Yemen.
    • Jun 19 - Los Angeles Drone Attacks - Cordis Die drone attack on Los Angeles; defeated by American and Chinese personnel; personnel then attack Menendez' facility in Haiti; Menendez is captured again.
      • Ground-based megawatt drone defence batteries that would eventually become known as Directed Energy Air Defense (DEAD) systems; responsible for the protection of international airspace from hostile aircraft, are mandated in response to the drone attacks.

    Dissolution of the European UnionEdit

    • Mar 14 - France and Germany withdraw from the European Union.
    • Apr 28 - The Treaty of Rome and the Maastricht Treaty of 1993 are repealed. European nations repeal the Euro.
    • Sept 17 - EU disbands; the Western European Economic Union established between Germany, France and Benelux nations (Iberian peninsula joins a year after).
    • Framework for European Federation drawn up the year after.
    • Warsaw Purchase - Poland signs a new trade treaty with Russia, offering energy security in return for commitments on political issues and exclusivity guarantees on purchases of natural gas and other energy exports from Russia; it would form the template for the treaties that would follow.


    • Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic sign trade agreements with Russia, similar to the Warsaw Purchase.
    • Raul Menendez's burnt remains are found in a graveyard in Managua, Nicaragua. It is believed he committed suicide.
      • Months of infighting within Cordis Die following the incident would see the movement eventually fizzle out.


    • Russia drafts the Trans-European Treaty, formalising its trade agreements with the previously mentioned European countries, along with Bulgaria, Finland, Kazakhstan, Greece and Ukraine (they had just signed their own agreements with Russia during the year).


    • Modified athlete Shannon Stevens becomes "the fastest woman on the planet" by running 100m in 6.21 seconds at the 2028 Nairobi Olympics.
    • NATO Dissolves.
    • Algeria, Belarus, Cuba (first international partner), Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia join the Trans-European Treaty.


    • The Ares I mission becomes the first humans to step foot on Mars.


    • The Trans-European Treaty expands into Asia and Africa with Angola, Nigeria and Pakistan joining.


    • Jul 11 - Lomonosov Incident - A Russian Navy Vessel sinks the US research ship USS Pleasent in contested waters in the Arctic Ocean. Despite US claims that the ship was for monitoring climate change, the Russians claimed (and independently confirmed) the ship was a prospecting ship and was locating possible oil and mineral reserves along the Lomonosov Ridge.
    • Recession of the Poorest - Due to climate change and the move by developed nations to local manufacturing, international exports dropped off over 60%, severely damaging developing markets that depended on the export of their goods and/or transport of goods.


    • Germany signs the Trans-European Treaty, stunning Western European observers, bringing with it its own substantial industrial and fiscal base, as well as pledges of membership from Italy and Austria.


    • Apr 14 - Pierre Belmondo completes the first anti-gravity flight in history in the Nevada desert.
    • Ares III Disaster - Botanist Mark Watney is left on Mars after he is presumed dead in a duststorm. He survives over 500 sols (approx. 1.5 years) before he is rescued.


    • Iran joins the Trans-European Treaty. Iran proposes that the Treaty be upgraded to a full Mutual Defence Treaty.
    • Common Defense Pact founded by Russia and the other members of the Trans-European Treaty.
    • Germany abstains from the vote, they would leave the CDP in the coming months.


    • A superstorm hits Tokyo, Japan.
    • In direct retaliation for the creation of the CDP, US Secretary of State George Winslow drafts the Winslow Accords, creating a rival for the CDP extending to all US allies.
    • Libya and Syria join the CDP.
    • After lengthy negotiations, the East African Federation joins the CDP, also handing the CDP mining rights for vast new reserves of Rare Earth Minerals.
    • The EAF's Nile River Coalition Partners would follow suit in 2040.



    • Due to internal political changes, Italy would leave the CDP and join the European Federation.
    • The KVA (Komp'yuter vycherkivaniye armii), a strong anti-Western global terrorist organization, is founded by Joseph Chkhkeidze (under the alias "Hades"), a native Chechen from Russia, whose goal is to usher in a new world free from the dependence of technology.
    • First networked brain-to-brain connection created.


    • Coalescence Corporation absorbs Axcentric Systems, and with it, gain an early foothold in the augmentation and neuron-imaging field.
    • The Nordic Nations, minus Finland due to their

    membership to the CDP, unite to form the United Nordic Federation (Scandinavia).



    • Atlas submits a lengthy report to the U.S. Department of Defense on the security risks of nuclear power facilities being a tactical hazard. Unpleased with Atlas' research, the DoD paid no attention to the report. Nevertheless, Atlas still receives a contract to safeguard all nuclear facilities across the country.
    • The inaugural Anti-Gravity Racing Championship season commences in New York City.


    • Superstorm Daisy; Coalescence Corporation's Seascraper is sunk.


    • Atlas is named as the recipient of the 2051 Technological Innovation Award for their advancements in biogenics.
    • Yemen joins the CDP.



    • In response to a North Korean invasion of South Korea, the United States Marine Corps intervene in the capital city, Seoul, as part of Operation Hammer Strike.
    • North Korea withdraw. Korea finally ends 100yr War; Korea unifies.


    April 28, 2055 Terrorist Attacks (The Great Meltdown)Edit

    • KVA cells operating under the direct orders of Hades, infiltrated various nuclear power plants across the globe, and initiated a meltdown at each of these facilities. When the reactors went critical and eventually exploded, the sites released large amounts of radiation across major cities, causing mass civilian casualties; upwards of 50,000 people.
      • Immediately following the terrorist attacks, the various governments affected by the disaster, including the United States ordered government personnel, such as the CDC to begin a mass evacuation of the population and to begin distributing potassium iodide tablets to protect against radiation sickness. Other measures were also taken, including the zoning off of radiation areas and using sports stadiums as makeshift morgues.
      • By 2059, much of the world continued to reel from the attacks and began a slow but promising period of recovery. Most in part, thanks to the humanitarian efforts of the Atlas Corporation. Atlas also becomes the world's largest standing military.
      • All nuclear related technology is forbidden unless under strictly regulated circumstances.
      • Sentinel Task Force created by the US in response to attacks (successor to Task Force 141)
      • S.A.B.R.E. Force created by the French Govt.; Memorize initiates the "Stay at Home Program" in an effort to keep people off the streets.


    • French Government pass Decree no. 56-124, or the "Law of the Stone Age", that would ban carrying firearms within the city limits alongside new law and order forces, S.A.B.R.E. Force. The intention of the law was to quell public fears of a populace devastated by the massive losses and death during the war. No one, including military or law enforcement, would be allowed to use guns inside Paris. The law was approved May 9, 2056.
    • Memorize successfully uses the Sensation Engine to remove select memories from a person's mind. The experiment, performed on Zena Giauuopoulos, rescued from Balkan peninsula, was successful and thus Antoine steered his resources toward using Sensation Engine to "remove hate" and "pain" from the world.

    2058 Edit

    • June - First human trials of a Direct Neural Interface (DNI) system announced by Coalescence.
    • July - A select group of press were invited to a presentation of DNI at their Zurich HQ. This was followed by the "Voyager" pilot program a year later, allowing a select few volunteers were fitted with a DNI and tasked to give feedback.
    • Singapore experiences its first super-storm (Hurricane Erin)


    • Hades killed by Atlas personnel in Santorini, Greece.
    • Marshall Islands are completely submerged following their complete evacuation.
    • In the midst of social unrest and dwindling water reserves, Egypt declares war on the NRC with the goal of destroying their water dams, freeing water for Egypt.


    • Coalescence Disaster - At 08:17, an explosion takes place at Coalescence Corporation’s research facility, releasing a deadly toxin, resulting in over 300,000 deaths. The Singapore Authorities announce a state of emergency, declare martial law, and a 30-mile quarantine zone is established.
    • Victor Sopot becomes the Prime minister of Russia.
    • Nigeria, Niger, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and other sub-Saharan West African nations unite to from the Republic of West Africa.
    • The Cook Islands are completely evacuated.

    Worldwide War against Atlas Edit

    • Jun 15 2060 - Jonathan Irons accepts his new seat as the first CEO of a private corporation to be admitted to the United Nations Security Council, only to announce the existence of Manticore. Irons effectively declares war on the governments of the world, claiming that governments and politicians have done nothing to solve the world's problems. In particular, Irons personally targets the United States, stating that their failed attempts at installing democracy across the world for the last century have only led to more conflicts, rather than resolution.
      • Attack and destruction of Golden Gate bridge.


    • Worldwide War against Atlas
      • Jan 8 - Sentinel, along with the U.S. 37th Airborne, assault the Atlas headquarters and the city of New Baghdad in an attempt to capture Irons; Irons' death
    • Worldwide protests and riots erupt around the world, caused by the growing resentment of people over augmentations, feeling that scientists are playing god.
    • Production of Coalescence DNI commences, mainly purchased by WA and CDP.
    • Five companies pledge to his son to help rebuild Paris and create a “Neo-Paris” from the ashes of The Great Meltdown.


    • Nile River Coalition absorbed by CDP.
    • Unconfirmed CIA leaks suggest unethical human testing of DNI by Coalescence being the cause of the 2060 disaster. Stock from Coalescence fall as a result.


    • War against Atlas over as remaining Atlas stronghold is taken over; small resistance sets gradually resolved over coming months.
    • Sentinel Task Force is formally handed to the UN, where it is renamed Earth Defence Force (EDF), reflecting Earth's new Lunar and Martian bases.
    • Unhappy with the new powers of the UN, Victor Sopot pushes a vote of no confidence against Russia's President, abolishes the office and names himself Chancellor. CDF renamed "Republic of the Commonwealth".
      • Austria immediately announces its integration into the EF in retaliation. Although Russian forces mobilised threatening Austria, Sopot stood down fearing retaliation against his newly formed government.
    • Zurich Terrorist Attacks - rogue WA Special Forces Agent Jacob Hendricks assaults Coalescence's main HQ in Zurich. Hendricks is killed as the UN sanctions a joint investigation into the attacks with Switzerland and the US.
    • Memorize funds the first surgical implant of the Senwall, their own DNI in association with Coalescence and broadcasts it across the whole of Neo-Paris.


    • After two years of downturn, Coalescence merges with a couple of other European companies, including Memorize, to form Eurocorp. The Syndicate Cold War begins.


    • Jul 20 - Armstrong Outpost at Shackleton Crater is formally founded as the first human settlement on Luna (the Moon), on the 100th anniversary of the first lunar landing.


    • The Helghan Expedition, led by the Helghan Corporation under Phillip Vekta, successfully launches from Earth en route to the Alpha Centauri system with 300 colonists aboard in cryogenic stasis. Communications with the vessel are lost soon after.


    • Vincent Applan is the first recorded suicide-by-memory wipe victim. Hackers speculated to be the cause of the suicide. Spokesperson Michelle Degrad, informs public Memorize is not responsible for tampering that may occur with the Senwall implant.


    • DART chip released by Eurocorp - the first large scale NI chip for civilian use.
      • Over a decade, the DART chip and its many copies dominate the technological landscape.

    First Martian Revolution Edit

    • Red Faction founded by colonist Eos.
    • Numerous miners joined the Red Faction, resulting in the First Martian Revolution and the deaths of numerous miners, Ultor security and Masako mercenaries. Revolution against poor work/living conditions and plague among workers.
    • Prof. Axel Capek; Col. Miko Masako killed in rebellion by Flynn Parker.
    • The Earth Defence Force invades Mars in aid of the Red Faction and eliminate the remaining Ultor forces on the planet. The Ultor remnants on Mars eventually became savages known as the Marauders, developing their own language and culture, but apparently retaining much their knowledge.


    • F3600 Anti-Gravity Race Commission Chairman Chuck Hoffman is assassinated during the opening of the 2080 season at Altima VII, Canada. The season is subsequently cancelled. Rumors come from fans that datacast company Overtel Corporation has conspired to kill him to wrestle control of the Commission away from Belmondo's ideals. Belmondo later becomes the acting Executive Director and isolates anyone linked to Hoffman's murder. Belmondo is then named the new Executive Director and announces plans to upgrade the league to F5000 in 2085, allowing weapons capable of destroying craft.

    Third Russian Civil War (Commonwealth Civil War) Edit

    • A local Red Faction founded inspired by Martian Red Faction; founded by Echo.
    • Chancellor Victor Sopot is assassinated by Alias Burke, formally of Sopot Special Forces (SSF), and was replaced by Alias' CO, Crate Molov.
    • Molov killed by Alias and Red Faction forces.
    • Elena Tangier (Alias' ally, also formally of SSF) named President of the Russian Federation; Alias named military advisor.
    • Republic of the Commonwealth dissolved, Pan-Asian Coalition fomred with Russia and it's Asian allies.
    • The Baltic nations join Scandinavia





    • The European Space Agency's Lowell City in Eos Chasma, Mars is founded. This is followed very closely with Watney (USA) and Hongtu (China). These would be the main settlement areas of Mars.

    2107 Edit

    • EDF imposes martial law on Mars
      • The Red Faction is founded again on Mars by Hugo Davies.

    2115 Edit

    Second Martian Revolution Edit

    • The Earth Defence Force had become an occupying force over Mars, leaving the colonists oppressed by their initial liberators.
    • The Parker sector of Tharsis became the first to be liberated of EDF control by the Red Faction.
    • Red Faction and Marauders ally against EDF.
    • A joint Red Faction-Marauder raid overran the EDF Central Command.
    • The EDF-owned E.D.S. Hydra was destroyed by the Red Faction with the use of the Nano Forge and an accelerator atop Mount Vogel, marking the end of the Second Martian Revolution, and Tharses became under the divided control of the Red Faction and the Marauders.
    • EDF retreat to Lowell City; Lowell City becomes a restricted EDF research & exploration zone (i.e. banned from mining operations).
    • War ends in blockade of Mars by SATO forces.
    • Over the next two decades, more fascist elements of the Red Faction gain control of the new Martian State.


    • The United Nations evolves into the Global Union and relocates to the Orbital Space Station. The Global Union Constitution lays the framework to re-establish governmental control over the Earth through restriction/regulations on syndicates, banning of Lunar colonisation by syndicates and increased emphasis on Mars.
      • Tensions start to grow between Syndicates and the GU.


    • Eurocorp's New York HQ is attacked and annexed by Cayman Global, downsizing Eurocorp's influence and creating a sizeable power vacuum in America.


    • The Global Trust, one of the earliest syndicates & was heavily involved in Mars, goes bust and is dissolved. The GU is one of the powers that absorbs elements of the Trust, as well as Lei Sheng Electricity, Usoyev Inc. and Ashland Energy Corporation.
    • Syndicates, furious with a loss of resources as a result of the revolution, mobilise against the GU. However, The entire EDF forces are now together (inc. those from Mars) to face the Syndicates head on.


    • January - The GU and the Syndicates agree to an agreement allowing the GU and it's governments to maintain absolute authority over Earth. The Syndicates are regulated (somewhat), but continue with a fair majority of their more covert operations in secret.


    • The Ashland Energy Corporation demonstrates helium-3 fuel extraction from the atmosphere of Saturn.

    2140 Edit

    • The Solar


      • The SDF launch a full scale attack on the annual Fleet Week parade, crippling SATO forces.
      • There are numerous battles between SATO/EDF and SDF forces across the Solar System, culminating in the destruction of the SDF's new orbital spaceport.
      • Further through the decade, the fascist elements of Mars are gradually removed, with the failure of the Solar War as the calayst for the movement. By the end of the decade, a more moderate government was

    instated more in line with the morals of Hugo Davies.


    • Construction of Gagarin Station (Jump Zero) begins beyond the orbit of Pluto.


    • Trace amounts of element zero are discovered on Mars.
    • Russia's economy goes into freefall, affecting other international markets


    • Humanity Discovers Mass Effect Physics
      • Humanity discovers a small cache of highly advanced Prothean technology hidden deep beneath the surface of Mars on the south polar region of Promethei Planum. Building on the remnants of this long extinct race, humans quickly explore the science of mass effect fields, leading to the development of faster than light travel and beginning detailed exploration of the Sol system.


    • Charon, Pluto's moon, turns out to be a massive piece of dormant Prothean technology, a mass relay, encased in ice. Once activated, Jon Grissom leads the first team of explorers through the relay, which instantaneously transports them to another relay in Arcturus, 36 light-years away. The explorers discover that the mass relays are part of a vast network, making travel across the galaxy possible.
    • The Systems Alliance charter is signed by the eighteen largest nations on Earth. The GU continues to govern Earth, but now as a section of the Systems Alliance.
    • Russia is overthrown by the Brotherhood. Country, and ally nations, rename themselves the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R)

    Cold War of the 22nd Century Edit

    • 2149 - USSR and Pan-Asian Coalition Forces Invade all along the USSR/EF border, particularly at the EF base at Minsk
    • 2150 - The USSR quickly invades EF, taking Belgrade and Berlin.
    • 2152
      • Fall of Europe - Last EF stronghold at Cerbere falls to USSR; EF retreats to Africa.
      • Battle of Port Gibraltar - USSR attacks Gibraltar to trick EF into drawing them out of position. Ends with USSR retreat.
    • 2155
      • After 5 years of siege, the EF started on the offensive in Europe as the USSR was reorganising themselves.
      • Bridge at Remagen - EF forces surprise attacked USSR, forcing USSR to surrender and allow EF to charge into Germany.
      • Liberation of Leipzig - Last USSR stronghold in Europe; EF forces liberate base finally evicting USSR from Europe.
    • 2157
      • After the Liberation of Leipzig, the EF and USSR experienced sporadic fighting along the border, with ground gained/lost between them.
      • In light of the First Contact War, the GU/Systems Alliance forces the EF and USSR into an armistice, ending the war. Assets of both sides are re-purposed for the benefit of the Alliance and their outer world colonies.


    • The wreck of the E.D.S. Hydra crashes into Bradbury Canyon, Mars.
    • The Systems Alliance begins the first surveys for colonization prospects outside the Sol System. One of these surveys discovers the planet Terra Nova.


    • Arcturus Station construction begins
      • Inaugurated in 2156, construction completed in 2162
    • Singapore Element Zero Incident
      • An accident at Singapore International Spaceport exposes hundreds of humans to dust-form element zero. Roughly 30% of the children born in Singapore after element zero exposure suffer from cancerous growths.


    • First human extra-solar colony founded on Demeter. Eden Prime and Terra Nova colonies founded soon after.


    • Second publicized accident involving the exposure of humans to element zero.


    • A small number of human children exposed to element zero exhibit minor telekinetic abilities.


    First Contact War Edit

    • Turians observe human explorers attempting to activate a dormant mass relay, a practice forbidden by galactic law after the Rachni Wars (1AD-300AD), and attack rather than negociate. A retaliatory human force destroyed the turian vessels, causing war.
    • After several weeks of sporadic fighting, the Turians lay siege on a human colony on Shanxi. After being worn down, humans eventually surrendered.
    • A month later, the Second Fleet arrives and successfully evicts Turians from Shanxi.
    • Citadel Council intervenes before humans and turians enter full-scale war.
    • First contact with a variety of alien species for humans & discovery of the Citadel; turians forced to pay reparations to humans.


    • Humans learn the potential of biotics. An international effort to track element zero exposures begins. Roughly 10% of recorded exposed children show indications of biotic ability.


    • The Systems Alliance Parliament is formed.
    • With the existence of human biotics firmly established, the Biotic Acclimation and Temperance Training (BAaT) program is set up on Gagarin Station to train potential candidates and develop biotic implants.


    • Amid concerns over gene therapy and genetic modifications being misused, the Systems Alliance Parliament passes the Sudham-Wolcott Genetic Heritage Act. It imposes sharp restrictions on controversial uses of genetic engineering, but provides government subsidies for beneficial applications.


    • A series of starship drive failures are orchestrated over populated areas on human colony worlds, causing widespread exposures to element zero. This results in a second generation of humans born with biotic potential.


    • Ivor Johnstagg is sentenced to 21 years in prison for attempting to assassinate Venta Tox, the volus ambassador to the Citadel. Although Johnstagg claims to be acting on behalf of the radical human political party Eternal Earth, no connection is found and Johnstagg is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Backlash from the assassination attempt jeopardizes the Systems Alliance's bid for an embassy on the Citadel.
    • Temtesh Bay Disaster - recently introduced explosive missiles causes the collapse of the mine section at Temtesh Bay during a round of the 2164 F9000 AG Racing League, killing six pilots and entombing many others for days. Three pilots later withdraw from the F9000 League.


    • the Council makes official recognition of humanity's growing power and influence in the galactic community. Humanity is granted an embassy on the Citadel, the political and economic heart of the galaxy
    • Terrorists steal antimatter from the Alliance cruiser SSV Geneva. The sole figure arrested names his sponsor "Cerberus". This is the first such incident of sabotage connected to the Cerberus organization.


    • BAaT closes down after the manslaughter of Comm. Vyrnnus.


    • Fall of the F9000 - The Anti-Gravity Purity Coalition releases documents that expose allegations of corruption and illegal practices between the F9000 Federation, Overtel, and numerous other parties and crime syndicates. As a result, the F9000 League is suspended indefinitely pending further investigations. The Overtel headquarters in New York City is seized by U.S. Marshals and members of the board are arrested. At the same time, a chain reaction of accusations leads to the termination of many associated parties. The economic shock and the resultant fallout and rioting results in a worldwide economic depression that lasts throughout the decade. Several national governments fall, most notably Russia.
    • Martian Terraformer of Eos, under control of the Red Faction, is destroyed, rendering most of Mars inhospitable
      • Areas around Lowell, Watney and Hongtu still hospitable due to the bioshield developed in the early years of the city.


    • In protest at the refusal of the Citadel Council to limit human expansion in the Skyllian Verge, the batarians close their embassy, withdraw into their home systems, and effectively become a rogue state.


    • On Gagarin Station, "Eliza" becomes the first sapient AI created in the Systems Alliance.

    Late 2170sEdit

    • In an effort to reconstruct the Earth's society, the GU creates the "Big Five": five multinational corporations, specialising in a particular field, to work to gather to stabilise the world economy. (Though it would not be until the 2190s before they can produce any favourable results).


    Eden Prime War Edit

    • The human colony of Eden Prime is attacked by the geth, a race of networked artificial intelligences that reside beyond the Perseus Veil. The geth were created by the quarians as laborers and tools of war.
    • Investigations into the incident led to the exposure of Saren Arterius' involvement in the attack.
    • War culminates in attack on the Citadel by Saren and the Reaper Sovereign. Citadel success with assistance from Systems Alliance.
    • Humans allowed seat on the Citadel Council. Capt. David Anderson accepts based on suggestion of hero of the War, Comm. Jane Shepard.
    • SSV Normandy destroyed above Alchera, Shepard presumed dead.
    • War ends the following year.


    • The Anti-Gravity Rebirth Festival is held as an amateur racing event in Nevada to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Pierre Belmondo's historic flight. Returning teams, such as AG Systems, Qirex and Van-Über, become the replacement part suppliers for the contenders' ships. The Belmondo Foundation (now with Natasha Belmondo as Executive Director) announces the FX150 Amateur League.
    • Anderson quits as human ambassador. Replaced by assistant/former ambassador Donnel Udina.


    • January 12 - An asari exploration team discovers a lost human colony in the Alpha Centauri system. The Systems Alliance links the colony to the forgotten Morgan Expedition of 2070 and establishes contact with the colonists.

    Reaper War Edit

    • The reapers, once a legend of giant machines exterminating all intelligent life, invades the Milky Way though Systems Allance/Batarian space.
    • Earth falls; human resistance established whist Human fleet regroup.
    • Most homeworlds are overrun, especially Palaven (Turian) and Thessia (Asari).
    • Plans for a weapon capable of destroying reapers, dubbed "The Crucible", found on Mars.
    • Attempted coup of the Citadel by Human councillor Donnel Udina, assisted by Cerberus terrorists. Coup failed, resulted in Udina's death.
    • By year's end, most theatres are holding steady, but the Citadel is quickly taken by reapers and transported to Earth.
    • United galactic fleet reach earth; assist in the launch of the Crucible inside the Citadel (Citadel is crucial piece to the Crucible).
    • War ends when Crucible is launched and destroys reapers, along with all synthetic life (Reapers, Geth, AI etc). Comm. Shepard (discovered to be alive in 2185) and Adm. Anderson credited with Crucible launch.


    • The inaugural FX300 Anti-Gravity Racing League season commences. It is the first professional AG racing league in almost 30 years.


    Mid 2200sEdit

    • Disgruntlement of some human extra solar colonies in the aftermath of the Reaper War lead them to form the terror group the Independent Colonies (or Indies for short).

    Late 26th CenturyEdit

    • The Collapse